Not just a farmhouse

This summer holidays I went to Norway. I had such an amazing time in the beautiful mountains and fjordlands – it is truly astonishingly beautiful.

I climbed Nigardsbreen glacier. I sat in the sun. I drank apple juice from apples grown in the local orchards of Loen. I rode a mountain bike down the worlds steepest zig-zag descent in Flåm. I saw musk ox in the wild in Dovrefjell national park.

To top things off, my tour guide Stine (Christina from Adventura Norge) introduced me to Gro, a Norwegian graphic designer from Farmhouse Studio.

Gro, explained that Farmhouse Studio opened in 2006 and have a vision to become Norway’s ‘creative and colorful centre’. They are also the same people behind the successful Norwegian clothing brand Moods of Norway.

Gro also designed the metal canvas art work displayed in the stair hall. A metal sheet cut out in the shape of the Jostedbalbreen Glacier …  “super kul”

  • View from the top of Nigardsbreen glacier